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Monday, July 03, 2006


The Perfect Date

You're young. You're single. You're certainly available. And interesting. And cultured. And sexy, goddamnit. So why can't you get laid in this town someone to notice you?

That's where your friends at Modern Fabulousity come in. Replacing the old "This Week" feature is our new Monday recipe for love, The Perfect Date. Whether you're looking for Mr. Right, Ms. Right This Minute, or maybe just a friend who will occasionally help you out with a handjob, our menu of evening delights is a sure-fire path to success.

This week:

MEET FIRST: Epistrophy, 200 Mott St (b/w Spring and Kenmare Sts.)
Classy and never crowded, this friendly but elegant wine bar -- named after a Thelonius Monk tune -- has a mild Italian sensibility and an adult sense of playfulness. Perfect for private conversations.

THEN EAT: Parea, 36 E. 20th St (b/w Broadway and Park Ave)
Frank Bruni, the New York Times' food critic, is on a mission to sell this new Greek haven to the masses. Let's hope he fails, because there's no better place right now for a gastrological getaway. The sea bass, served for two, is flavored with the best tzatziki we've ever tasted.

HIGHBROW OPTION: Full House: Views of the Whitney's Collection
Whitney Museum of American Art, 945 Madison Ave at 75th St
As the art world descends into globalism, the idea of an "American" museum seems antiquated and limiting. That may be why Full House, an enormous exhibit covering all five floors of the Whitney, is recontextualizing the ideas of art (and art movements) in the United States. Sure, there'll be plenty of Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, and Alexander Calder. But the lesser-known artists will tell the tale of our past...and our future.

LOWBROW OPTION: Big Brother: All Stars
Premieres Wednesday, 8pm, CBS
For sheer entertainment value, you can't beat the shenanigans of Big Brother and its "all-star" edition, featuring former contestants from its last six seasons. With luck, this could be the Super Bowl of Dumb Human Tricks.

COOL DOWN: Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks, various locations
Show your date that you're a patriot AND a romantic with some chilled grapes, white wine, and a view of the annual celebration. If you play your cards right, someone might salute your flagpole before the night is through.


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