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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Name That iTune!

I'm stealing this game from EdandTony (who I hope won't kill me) to see if we have fun playing it over here. Below are the first 15 songs that played on randomly on my iTunes. (I deleted instrumentals and non-U.S. releases, as well as one or two arias from my hubby's opera collection.) If you think you know which song/artist the lyric came from, write the song title and the artist in the comments...if you get it right, I'll strike out the lyrics and give you (and your web site, if you prefer) credit on the homepage. The person who gets the most right wins!

1. "The vision's clearer every day/And nothing's gonna stand in my way/For I've finally found the strength within me/To rise above the negativity..."

2. "Good lookin'/Bad tastin'/Full bodied/But wasted/Loose living/Tight fitting/What you see ain't what you are getting..."
"Look At Me"/Geri Halliwell - David McDonagh
3. "I'm not sure what I'm looking for anymore/I just know that I'm harder to console/I don't see who I'm trying to be instead of me/But the key is a question of control..."

4. "Woke up this morning with you on my mind/I crawled out of bed, I got up on the wrong side/Drew back the curtains -- Oh no not another day!/Why you wanna make my life so gray? Cause you put me in a..."
"Bad Mood"/Lonnie Gordon - Son of Agamemnon
5. "Everytime I think of you, I feel a shot right through like a bolt of blue/It's no problem of mine, but it's a problem I find/Living a life that I can't leave behind..."
"Bizarre Love Triangle"/New Order - Martha
6. "Looking back I know I was walking around in disguise/ Looking back I was just a loss so I needed a guy/And the moment that you came to change my life/you fired up my heart and made me smile/you and I know that I'm a different person, Yeah, turned my world around..."

7. "I've been laid off from work, my rent is due/My kids all need brand new shoes/So I went to the bank to see what they could do/They said, 'Son, look like bad luck got a hold on you'..."
"Money's Too Tight (To Mention)"/Simply Red - Dan C.
8. "Nonstop dancing the bustop to the funky music/ Hustle, pumpin the muscle, blame it on the boogie/Remember the old days, Remember the O'Jays/Walkin' in rhythm, life was for livin'..."
"Step Back In Time"/Kylie Minogue - 6 Things
9. "Out of nowhere this gust of wind/Brushed my hair and kissed my skin/I aimed to hold a bridled pace/When with love itself I came face to face..."
"Pulling Back The Reins"/k.d. lang - 6 Things
10. "I think I'm done with the sofa/I think I'm done with the hall/I think I'm done with the kitchen table, baby..."
"Outside"/George Michael - 6 Things
11. "You done me wrong/Your time is up/You took a sip from the devil's cup/You broke my heart/There's no way back/Move right out of here, baby, go and pack your bags..."
"Movin' On Up"/M People - David McDonagh
12. "Faster kill faster, said pussycat/I can't stand to see you cry/Honey you know where the world is at/Get what you want with your lucky eyes..."
"Faster Kill Pussycat"/Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy - Nathaniel
13. "Step off the train, I'm walking down your street again/Past your door, but you don't live there anymore..."
"Missing"/Everything But The Girl - Martha
14. "Some say that we are players, some say that we are pawns/But we've been making money since the day that we were born/Got to slow down, 'cause we're low down..."
"Millennium"/Robbie Williams - Martha
15. "I caught ya smiling, I know I seen you here before/How come you hiding, hey don't you want to hit the floor/The place is crowded, or maybe you don't like the beat/I got a 2-track playing in my head/So let me take you somewhere else instead..."


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