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Monday, July 31, 2006


Motley Mix: Ice Cream and Alexander McQueen

- What could possibly be gayer than Project Runway? (Wait for it...) Project Rungay. Oh, like straight people watched the show anyway.

- When it comes to handbags, we usually defer to Shannon, aka ModFab's Bestest Friend, who is slavishly devoted to all things Coach. But we got lightheaded when we saw the elegant swirl of this Alexander McQueen bag, which seems perfect for a night out or holding your frisbee collection. [Luxist]

- Sure, Maalox will calm your stomach...but will it cure your sweet tooth? For that, you need the one, the only: Pepto-Bismol Ice Cream. [Lifehacker]

- Pet Peeve of the Moment: why the f$#k won't anyone nominate Dr. Will? Is Janelle brain dead or what? I realize that Kaysar's become a p$#@y and Howie's an idiot, but still...folks, get it together. There's only one threat in that house, and it isn't Erika.


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