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Thursday, July 27, 2006


ModFab On...Another Gay Movie

Michael Carbonaro, Jonathan Chase, Jonah Blechman, Mitch Morris, Scott Thompson, Graham Norton, John Epperson, Darryl Stephens, Matthew Rush, Mink Stole, ANT, James Getzlaff, Ashlie Atkinson and Richard Hatch
Written by
Todd Stephens and Tim Kaltenecker
Directed by
Todd Stephens

As you sit slack-jawed, watching the adolescent hijinks of Todd Stephens' teen sex comedy Another Gay Movie, you may ask yourself what the gay community did that was so bad it deserved such a ridiculously shallow screed on our lives. For here we are, in all of our stereotypical, ass-packing, gloryhole-sucking, gerbil-inserting glory...as reductive a representation as we may have ever been served by one of our own. (And believe me, that's quite an accomplishment, as viewers of Happy, Texas and Bruce La Bruce films can attest.)

ANOTHER GAY MOVIE is essentially a genre film with a chip on its shoulder. The argument is this: if straight people can be trite, horny sex machines in Porky's, Fast Times at Ridgement High, and three variations of American Pie...then why can't gay people ALSO behave that way? Equal rights for all! If nothing else, ANOTHER GAY MOVIE proves that while gay marriage, freedom from workplace discrimination, and anti-violence initatives are really important, maybe we shouldn't have everything that straight people have.

You may think, from the first two paragraphs, that I hated ANOTHER GAY MOVIE. Au contraire, mes amis. In fact, I laughed till my sides hurt. Its low-budget aesthetic has a gritty charm, and its parade of cameos -- including Graham Norton, Scott Thompson, Lypsinka, and (best of all, with an unexpected gift for comic timing) porn stud Matthew Rush -- kept the fun moving nicely. The central quartet of horny homo seniors -- regular guy Andy (Matthew Carbonaro), hot nerd Griff (Mitch Morris), Jarod the jock (Jonathan Chase), and androgynous Nico (Jonah Blechman) -- play their parts with a comic earnestness and sexy frivolity modeled on goofballs like Seann William Scott and Ashton Kutcher. The whole enterprise is actually entertaining in its tasteless audacity...American Pie, only with assplay and poppers.

As stupid-fun as it is, though, one can't help but feel like taking a shower after watching it. In subverting a genre so completely (and queerly), Stephens makes a lucid and important point: what is considered adorable in straight comedy ("this one time, at band camp...") is considered perverse when perpetrated by gays. The double standard is clear and hypocritical. But the larger question might be...is anyone served, really, by such displays of inanity? Are gay filmmakers really ready to reduce sexuality to such simple broad strokes? Yes, Ben Stiller can turn cum-in-your-hair jokes into millions at the box office...but is it really something to be admired?

Perhaps I'm beating this fragile horse too much. At its core, ANOTHER GAY MOVIE is silly, faux-raunchy and ebulliently joyous. (Nancy Sinatra comes out of retirement to sing the theme song! Yay!) In these hot dog days of summer, perhaps the politics can take a break. But don't blame me if your feet stick to the floor in the theatre...and not in a good way.
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