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Monday, July 17, 2006


Gay Tragedy: The Sold-Out Madonna Concert

Madonna's last two New York Confessions Tour dates are tomorrow and Wednesday, which means that there are only about 40,000 homosexuals left who will see her do the silver-mirror cross thing. If you're among the vast majority of sad queens shut out of the sold-out shows, don't despair. We've worked overtime to find you alternatives for getting your groove on:

TUESDAY: The Material Girl isn't the only diva who'd like your attention tonight. Despite a poor reception to her second single, P!nk is trudging on at Webster Hall tonight. (Expect "Stupid Girls" to be both the encore and in attendance.) For those who'd prefer to kick it old-school, 90's diva Taylor Dayne, who is working up a serious comeback attempt, is crunching house beats at B.B. King's.

WEDNESDAYS: The big Madonna-alternative tonight is the gently-aging Jersey rockers Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium. Before you get all up on your superiority stool to look down your nose at Jovi, consider this: yes, Madonna may be more fabulous, but Jon Bon Jovi is far more humpable. Fans of 90's acid jazz may want to check out the reconstituted Brand New Heavies at Warsaw in Brooklyn (with N'Dea Davenport once again on lead vocals!). And if you'd just rather shake your own thing, we recommend DJ/superproducer Diplo at Avalon.
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