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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Fab Today: Ani DiFranco

Although the copious amounts of boy smut posted on this page may make one wonder why, ModFab does have lesbian readers. I know of at least four, which is enough to start a vegan commune. Five, if you count Rosie O'Donnell, who famously commented on one of our posts last year. (She was pissed, so I doubt she became a regular.) So here's to the girls ladies women: a way-cheap concert by lesbian icon Ani DiFranco (who may not be completely lesbian anymore but who cares. I never promised you a rose garden.) If you prefer true-blue dykedom, we recommend the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in August, which will feature Melissa Ferrick, Stacyann Chin, Jill Sobule, Jane Siberry, Marga Gomez and Brooklyn's own Toshi Reagon. Being a lesbian is so cool, we are completely jealous; gay boys just stand around in overpriced bars and listen to bad electropop.
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