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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Emmy Nominations: Surprises and Sadness

The Emmy nominations were announced today, and as usual, it gave reason to hope for the future of television...as well as reasons to angrily put your foot through the TV. ModFab breaks the good and the terrible down thusly:

  • Bravo to embracing the engaging Project Runway, the still-improving Entourage, and the sublime charms of The Office. It almost makes me want to forgive the ridiculous nominations for The Comeback and Two and a Half Men. Almost.
  • Yay for shutting out Jay Leno entirely. It's time NBC admitted the truth: he isn't funny anymore. (His replacement in most categories, Stephen Colbert, is a much better choice.)
  • Favorite performance nominations: Steve Carell, Jeremy Piven, Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace's Beverly Leslie); the guest appearances of Patrick Stewart, Kate Winslet and Ben Stiller on Extras; and the talents of FX's short-lived and criminally overlooked Thief, Andre Braugher and Clifton Collins, Jr.
  • You skipped Lost? Are you fucking kidding me? It WON last year. It's the only drama anyone gives a shit about anymore. THIS is why no one takes the Emmys seriously.
  • Outstanding Comedy Series: It's good to see The Office take over Frasier's old highbrow spot, and dropping Will and Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond is wonderful. But instead of replacing them with the always hilarious Everybody Loves Chris or My Name Is Earl, you went and pulled Scrubs off the out-to-dry rack, and inexplicably added (ugh) Two and a Half Men. Shame on you.
  • I realize that science fiction has never been an Emmy staple, but the best drama on television, Battlestar Galactica, deserves better than its handful of technical awards. In particular, Mary McDonnell should easily trump the old-broad brigade (Candice Bergen, Blythe Danner, etc.) in this category.
  • Yes, The Sopranos' best days are behind it. But it's still compelling television, and to skip both James Gandolfini and Edie Falco is unconscionable. Certainly they're more deserving than the one-note work of Dennis Leary and Geena Davis, for crying out loud.
  • Worst performance nominations: Larry David, Charlie Sheen (???), Geena Davis...and can we stop trying to prove we're "hip" by nominating William Shatner year after year after year?
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