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Friday, July 07, 2006


B.B.B. (Blogging Big Brother)

It's only the first episode, and already the retributive schadenfreude is being served in big, heaping bucketfuls. The crafty Danielle and the stupid-but-evil Alison tried to put a ridiculous plan into effect, and it has backfired gorgeously, getting them nominated for eviction. It's also a pretty safe first-week pairing for everyone else...neither of them have too many friends in the house, and it'll give the two major alliance blocks time to settle into their roles.

Those two blocks are the Season 6 foursome of Howie, Kaysar, Janelle and James, and a group of anti-6ers loosely centered around the Season 2 assholes, Will and Mike Boogie.

And quickly, on Rock Star: Supernova...Duran Duran? Are you kidding me? You don't wear Prada to a rodeo. Yes, Matt deserved to go home. (And I am falling in love with Lukas.)
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