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Monday, July 31, 2006


Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Preview

Accidentally running into Nathaniel and his lovely mate yesterday at an afternoon screening of Little Miss Sunshine, I began to ruminate about Nat's excellent taste in all things cultural. He is pretty marvelous, as many of you know. For instance, he and I are the lonely gayblog champions of Battlestar Galactica, the best serious drama currently on television (as its recent Peabody Award for Excellent will attest). That led me to hunting around for info on the new season, which begins in October. Here's what I found (and here's your spoiler warning, although I don't give a whole lot away):

- The 20-episode third season will see the return of guest stars Lucy Lawless, Richard Hatch and Dean Stockwell. The early storylines will deal with a falling out between Adama and Tigh, presumably over whether to rescue the stranded refugees. Episodes Five and Six, however, will switch it up: they follow the discovery of a dying Cylon base ship and a plague that has befallen the Cylons. Episode Nine has the crew discovering the next clue about finding Earth, which will set up the pre-Christmas cliffhanger (there's a month break in the season). More spoiler-heavy details here, including a discussion of the Galactica spinoff series, Caprica.

- Before we go any further: the official Season 3 teaser, for your viewing pleasure. Looks like the new season will be a little darker in tone, huh?

- A little show-to-show homage: SchruteSpace, the blog of the character played by Rainn Wilson on NBC's The Office, has a hilarious discussion of the question: what if Battlestar Galactica crash-landed on the island of Lost? (Answer: the Battlestar crew totally kicks ass.)

- Despite an Out magazine cover story on the show a few weeks back (including an interview with the dreamy Jamie Bamber), producer Ron Moore feels there's no immediate need for gay people in the future. "I think homosexuality definitely exists in the world of Galactica, but I frankly haven't found a way to portray it yet....a failure of imagination on my part and a reflection of the fact that I've never made this a priority for us, so pin the blame on me for not moving this bit of reality into our universe." Take it more seriously, Ron. On a show that is packed with sex and features an otherwise enlightened understanding of diversity and gender, it's a shame that they are so nonchalant about failing this segment of their vision (and their audience).

- While waiting for the new premiere, the network's has free video of deleted scenes, audio commentary podcasts, and the entire episode "Scar" from last season. Enjoy.
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