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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


All Hail The Supreme Gay Poof: Lance Bass

So this morning I posted about Lance Bass coming out as a pillowbiter. One sentence. No big whoop. Last year I also picked his boyfriend, Reichen, as one of my weekly Friday Hot Guys. Also, no big whoop.

Clearly, I underestimate the power of Gay Lance.

The biggest single-day traffic Modern Fabulousity has ever had in our two years of existence has been 2,400 unique visitors. Today, at only 8:43PM, we have already had 22,466 unique page views. Almost all of them for the Lance thing this morning, or for the naked booty shot of Reichen. That's a small TOWN. Jesus!

Wow. Wow wow wow. I wonder what'll happen when people figure out Justin Timerlake is gay, too.

UPDATE: Just realized that we're #5 on Google for the word "Reichen". We're no Sherlock Holmes, but we think that might be a clue.


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