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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Your Assistance, Please...

So due to the promotion I got a few months back, I'm getting (drumroll, please!) my very own office! Which is a big deal, considering everyone else shares public cubicles (bye bye, bitches!). I begin moving into the new space tomorrow, and I'm tickled beyond pink (actually, a lovely shade of raspberry).

I'm looking for decorating suggestions. It's a performing arts environment, so I can do pretty much anything...paint it, hang art, even add a beaded curtain across the door (and yes, I am thinking about it). I'd love to get a cheap, cozy chair for guests, and maybe a small table for cocktails, blow, crackpipes, etc. But I'm already bored by my lack of imagination. Any thoughts ModFabbers have would be greatly appreciated...what tricks have you employed to make your work spaces inviting and enjoyable?


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