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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


You Tube of the Week: Wave that Flag!

Today is Flag Day! Since nothing is (arguably) more fabulous than Madonna circa 1990-1991, I thought it appropriate to share one of the best uses of the American flag ever. In the current cultural climate (which in this writers opinion boils down to something like "we prefer reality TV to actual reality. In fact we no longer even recognize reality as such") we are constantly reminded by FOX that more people vote each week on American Idol than vote on political elections... So I've been heartened to see my fellow guest bloggers talking politics. It's really time for Rock the Vote sentiment to start firing on as many cylinders as Madonna was back in 1990. Think of it. If every good citizen worked as hard at political activism as Madonna works at entertaining the masses, things would change in a heartbeat.

Other flaggings:
Rock the Vote 1992. Madonna's "alright alright, I never voted" followup.
"Lola Stars and Stripes" A video from The Stills
"Show Off" Broadway Baby Sutton Foster does just that with flags (and other props) too.
Gay Circuit If this were on a loop and you were on ecstacy, I'm sure it would be hypnotic. Not that you would be!
Flagging. It's amazing the talents people reveal on You Tube. This guy is a wonder and considers flagging therapeutic and a crucial part of gay history.
"White Flag" Dido surrenders to her love for Angel David Boreanaz.
Patriotic Wrestler stars n stripes on a young hunk. Rowrrr.
Maggie & Jake (the Gyllenhaals don'cha know) both rocking the vote.


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