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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


You Tube of the Week: My Boy Bands

Somewhere between The Beatles and The Backstreet Boys, the idea of the "boy band" fell completely apart. While John, George, Paul and Ringo had managed to be eye candy AND songwriters, the same cannot be said of 98 Degrees. This transformation -- from solid musical acts to transparent image factories -- began in the mid-1980's. In that period, there were boy bands who were talented musicians (Duran Duran) but also overproduced lumps of entertainment like New Kids on the Block, New Edition and Menudo.

As a teenager during those times, I fell hard for some of these bands (mostly British, mostly Duran Duran clones). I still dig the melodies of Curiosity Killed The Cat's Ordinary Day...and dear Lord, were they gorgeous. (I'm also ashamed that I listened to Bros, Brother Beyond and Kissing The Pink, who are truly terrible...but dear Lord, were they gorgeous.) For both the bad and the good, here's what the young gays-in-training of 1986 were listening to:

The Blow Monkeys - "Diggin' Your Scene"
Breathe - "Hands To Heaven"
Bros - "When Will I Be Famous?"
Brother Beyond - "The Harder I Try"
Curiosity Killed The Cat - "Misfit"
Haircut 100 - "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)"
Johnny Hates Jazz - "Shattered Dreams"
Kajagoogoo - "Too Shy"
Kissing The Pink - "Certain Things Are Likely"
Pseudo Echo - "Listening"
Real Life - "Send Me An Angel"
Spandau Ballet - "True"
Wet Wet Wet - "Wishing I Was Lucky"
Wham! - "Everything She Wants"


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