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Monday, June 12, 2006


This Week in Modern Fabulousity - June 12, 2006

When the ModFab Six were selected, I felt a little like John Kerry must have felt the day after the 2004 election. I think I finished seventh. So I'm thrilled to be able to be Fabulous, even for a Day

Here are this week's Fabulous Things:

EATS: Since probably no one reading this ever goes NEAR Rockland County, I'll dispense with waxing rhapsodic over the State Line Family Restaurant on Route 303 in Tappan -- a diner-type restaurant owned by Cubans, which has amazingly delicious and varied food served in copious portions, spectacularly crisp and fresh French Fries, and the best split pea soup on earth. Instead, I'll toss in a plug for one of my favorites, BALI NUSA INDAH, a lovely little Indonesian restaurant tucked behind a truly hideous storefront at 651 9th Avenue in New York City. Don't skip dessert -- the banana island is so good your brains could fall out....and that would be messy.

MOVIES: A Prairie Home Companion opened this past Friday. I'm not going to pass up a chance to see Lily Tomlin in a Robert Altman flick again, are you?

ART: In this 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's birthday, is there any better way to celebrate, or any experience more "New York" than viewing a retrospective of psychotherapy cartoons from The New Yorker? On the Couch: Cartoons from The New Yorker consists of 75 classics spanning nearly 80 years of preoccupation what happens in a therapist’s office. The exhibit runs through July 28 at the Museum of the City of New York -- appropriate, because as we all know, shrinks all go on vacation in August.

COMEDY: With Marc Maron having been banished back to Los Angeles by ex-Air America Radio CEO Danny Goldberg, the comedy scene in New York is mostly a vast wasteland these days. Enter the razor-edgy Billy Connolly, at 37 Arts. Before Connolly came along, we never realized how much funnier a Scottish accent makes even the lamest jokes. Craig Ferguson only wishes he had Connolly's edge.

MUSIC: Even if you can't stand country music, even if you don't like their music, you MUST go out and buy a copy of the new Dixie Chicks' CD Taking The Long Way this week. Buy it and throw it out, give it to a friend, do whatever you have to do. Every time you don't buy this CD and support Natalie Maines' right to tell the numbnutz who listen to Toby Keith that they are full of shit, God kills a kitten.


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