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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Stinkylulu Is My New Internet Boyfriend

The gorgeous and talented Stinkylulu -- jetsetting playboy, runway model, film connoisseur, and sometime ModFab Six'er -- responded to my plea for decorating help in a most wonderful way. Today I received a PACKAGE, all the way from Antartica (he lives near there, or so it seems), with this lovely framed New Yorker cover inside. This cameraphone snapshot shows where it now hangs on my otherwise barren, institutionally white office walls.

Thank you, Stinky! I have to admit that I've never gotten a present from a reader before, much less a blogfriend who has such impeccable taste and generous spirit. You're officially my favorite (until someone gives me a car or boat or something). And anyone else who wants to add color to these lifeless walls, be my guest!


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