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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Project Runway 3: The New Designers

Bravo has announced the Season Three designers for Project Runway. They are:

Bradley Baumkirchner, 32, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Best, 36, West Hollywood, CA
Laura Bennett, 42, New York, NY
Malan Breton, 32, Long Island City, NY
Bonnie Dominguez, 31, San Diego, CA
Stacey Estrella, 40, San Francisco, CA
Katherine Gerdes, 25, Minneapolis, MN
Kayne Gillaspie, 27, Norman, OK
Ulrike "Uli" Herzner, 35, Miami Beach, FL
Alison Kelly, 25, Brooklyn, NY
Angela Keslar, 33, Amesville, OH
Michael Knight, 28, Atlanta, GA
Vincent Libretti, 49, Santa Monica, CA
Keith Michael, 34, New York, NY
Jeffrey Sebelia, 36, Los Angeles, CA

Seems there's a serious upswing in the professionalism of this crew, with most of them having lines of their own (and websites to boot). Also, last season's California-heavy lineup has been replaced with a more nationally diverse group, which will be nice for the fashion houses of Amesville, Ohio and Norman, Oklahoma.

Project Runway begins on July 12. Pictured at the top (L-R) are new designers Alison Kelly, Robert Best, Bonnie Dominguez, Keith Michael, Malan Breton, and Jeffrey Sebelia. [thanks to BPR]
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