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Friday, June 09, 2006


On the Tony Awards: A View from the Provinces...

StinkyLulu here:
The first Sunday evening in June has always been a nearly sacred time for StinkyLulu. Why? Well, traditionally, the first Sunday's the night of the Tony Awards broadcast. The one night every year that everyone's big gay uncle Tony would arrive -- bestowing gifts of songs, spectaculars & sequins to keep the wee sissies & big voiced girls in fabulousness for another year.

Yes, the first Sunday night in June has historically been that one night when BroadWAYYYY -- thanks to Uncle Tony -- would let it all hang out on national teevee. ('Member when CBS usedta have that clickety swirling "Special Presentation" graphic -- that thing gave little Lulu the piddly pants chills.) And, in the high desert adobe abode of little Lulu, uncle Tony's visits have always been much more exciting than Santa's. (Even more, being two parts Ginger & three parts MaryAnn, Lulu's adulthood has been split between being a country mouse and a city mouse -- & big gay Uncle Tony has remained Lulu's most reliable annual connection to the experience of Broadway.)

As you can see, lovely ModFab readers, the weekend of Uncle Tony's visit is something of a special occasion, 'specially out here in the provinces. And over the next coupla days, StinkyLulu's gonna celebrate some memories -- good & bad, the best & the worst -- of Uncle Tony's visits via broadcast. So, check back -- & start stirring that memory pot of your'n to share your favorite visits from Uncle Tony...

*ps: Anyone out there in internetland got the poop on why the "1st Sunday in June" tradition was defiled this year?


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