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Sunday, June 25, 2006


ModMusic: Lessons In Music with Paris Hilton

I probably should have something better on Gay Pride Day than Paris Hilton's godawful new single "Stars Are Blind." But our beloved buddy MK at Popbytes sent it over to us early (it won't be released until July 11th), and I think it's a powerful lesson in the transformative ability of a remix artist. So...whatthefuck.

Let's get this out of the way...I hate Paris Hilton, and I hate this song. The original single is reggae-flavored tripe...a misguided disaster of kittenish vocals, poor lyrics, and beats no Jamiacan would be caught dead with. But in the hands of a remixer like Tracy Young, something is salvaged. Generic? Sure...you can't get a silk purse from a sow's ear. But I love that Young is smart enough to gut the entire reggae instrumentation and transfer the (reinforced) vocal track to a more dynamic chord progression and better club-centered mix, even with some flute(!).

Compare the original version (in her terrible video) to the house mix, and judge for yourself. It's not going to win any "remix of the year" awards, but it will probably keep Ms. Hilton in the gay clubs throughout the summer. (Which proves that the old saying, about gays having better taste, is completely untrue.)

Watch: "Stars Are Blind", Paris Hilton
Download: "Stars Are Blind (Tracy Does Paris Radio Mix)", Paris Hilton
Then Get: Stars Are Blind, Paris Hilton
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