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Friday, June 16, 2006


ModFab Returns!

Howdy, everybody...I'm back! Atlanta was wonderful, the conference was stimulating, brunch with QTA was heavenly, and I missed this blog much more than I expected to. (Note: discuss with therapist.) Thanks to the ModFab Olympians who subbed beautifully in my absence: PTF, B@B, TFE, SL, and CP. I couldn't have asked for more! I'm still on Southern time (which izzz ssslllooww), so I'm catching up on everything. But here's what I know after a quick spin around the blogosphere:

- The History Boys, a just winner of a half-dozen Tonys last Sunday, has extended through October 1. Better grab it quick, or it's history girls. (Heh. I am hilarious.)

- Gay network LOGO reveals its new TV shows. Viewer Alert: high suckage ahead.

- Hey, that new Keanu Reeves-Sandra Bullock movie The Lake House? Apparently, it doesn't suck. Who knew? The script is by Pulitzer playwright David Auburn (Proof).

- John Doyle's revival of Sondheim's Company will play the Barrymore. Me: geeked. Damion: gagging while geeked.

- Nick has a gorgeous new apartment in Chicago to match his gorgeous new job. I'm hoping he also has a gorgeous new guest room.

- Worst Thing About My Vacation: missing Rufus Wainwright with Nathaniel. Harumph.

- Speaking of the Tonys...I realize the moment has passed, so I'll just say: fuck The Pajama Game, and fuck Jersey Boys. Stinkylulu says everything I'd say, anyway.

- We killed Zarqawi...yay. America: 1. Rebels: 2,500.

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