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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Kevin Federline on Bizzaro World

Something's gone horribly awry. Either Kevin Federline has given up the popozao and followed his calling as a used car salesman, or this is one of those celebrity photo shoots that is meant "ironically." Because Kevin Federline is nothing if not an exercise in irony.

Cause, like, check it: K-Fed is so badass, he would never wear a suit, man! Not in real life. He's street, he's ruff, he's stone cold gangsta. He's DMX without the talent gats. And he's a serious artist, too, so show some muthafucking respect: "I wish people would ask me about my career. Usually it's, 'How's the wife and kids?' Not that I mind; that's my pride and joy. But it would be nice for people to look at me like an artist. The day they judge me as an artist, a CEO, as somebody, not Britney Spears' husband, that's the day I am looking forward to."

Aw, Kev. It sucks to be a manbitch.

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