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Saturday, June 10, 2006


An Inconvenient Truth: the Summer's Must-See

The preachings of Al Gore on global warming are probably not news to the (I'm assuming) very liberal, open-minded, intelligent readers of ModFab. They weren't new to me. And yet, I learned many, many things, both angering and sobering, at the showing of An Inconvenient Truth that I saw today.

This is, I believe, one of the most important films ever made. It is a film I hope will actually help people find the strength to rise up. It is urgent without being alarmist and scary without being over the top. It humanizes Al Gore and makes you wonder who the hell it was that ran for President, the two men seem so different - and yet this both is and is not a movie about Al Gore. It certainly focuses on his personal journey toward greater knowledge about the greatest crisis our planet and our people will ever face - and yet even as the movie focuses on Gore, Gore focuses the movie back on the problem at hand. He is funny and warm and brilliant, and for more than a moment, I, a firm Feingold Democrat, wished that he were indeed running again. He explains the problem and the science in a way that everyone can understand. In fact, I now understand far too well, and yeah, I'm scared. And inspired. And angry.

But only if it were the Al Gore you will see in this movie. Go. See. Be scared. Be inspired. Get angry. Recycle. Rise up. Vote. As he says in the movie, "Political will is a renewable resource." Let's renew the government, and then the planet. Seriously. Go to this movie, and urge every single person you know to do the same.


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