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Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm Taking a Ride with my Best Friend...

"I hope he never lets me down again." If you know these lyrics, you were probably a disaffected, vaguely-angrogynous, New Wave teen in the mid-80's. (Your humble editor was the one with black dyed hair, smeared lipstick a la Robert Smith of The Cure, wearing the thrift store coat with the matching sullen disposition.) The lyrics are, of course, Depeche Mode, and today Avi at Ultranow takes us on a memory trip to the era that band defined, as well as exploring the new expanded CD/DVD of the seminal recording Music for the Masses. There's a listening party too, for those of you who wish to relive the moment you first made out with someone besides yourself. (This was THE makeout album for new wave kids.)
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