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Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm Leavin', On A Jet Plane...

By the time most of you read this, your humble editor will be soaring 35,000 feet above the Eastern Seaboard, having taxied out of LaGuardia towards Atlanta. I'm attending a theatre conference, visiting relatives, and eating the best spare ribs found on God's green earth. And sadly, for most of the next week, I'll be without proximity to the internet. I'll try to post whenever I can, but to keep things on an even keel, I've enlisted the best bloggers I know to keep you informed, entertained, and sexed up. The ModFab Olympic Team is:

Rod - mastermind of Rod2.0, slinging news, gossip, and politics in equal measures;
Jill - whose art and liberality will prove why she is Brilliant at Breakfast
Tim - if you saw his booty, you'd definitely be Pressing The Flesh
Melissa - the tastiest blogger you've ever read: Cupcake Planet
StinkyLulu - neither odiferous nor female, this self-titled site is a daily read
Nathaniel - the wittiest mind on the 'net...on exhibit daily at The Film Experience

This Dirty Half-Dozen will keep you up to date on the universe until we return. Some weekly features will be written by our guest stars, while others -- The ModFab Gallery, etc. -- will take a one-week break. Enjoy the A-Team...and hit up their sites too!


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