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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Either They Are EEEN, Or They Are Ouht!

What's a Tim Gunn fan to do between now and July 12th (the scheduled date of the Season Three Premiere of Project Runway - 10PM, to be exact)?

Well, take a gander at Tim Gunn's blog, of course. Fresh off the heels of his wondrous date with Andre at the Red Lobster, Gunn blogs about the process of auditioning designers in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York.

One can almost hear the calm, yet catty voice of Gunn as he describes the individual who arrived with designs consisting of a hoodie shaped like a dragon head, complete with scales; a feathered ball gown with a 20-foot train; and a corset made out of condoms.

Cringe as you read Gunn describing the designer who recruited a model/victim from Macy's and proceeded to undress her in front of the panel.

It's all here to soothe your fashion-craving souls - but lest you need more, you can wait for the movie, so to speak. A one-hour special will air on Bravo, hosted by Gunn, detailing the trainwreck of auditions. The special is scheduled to air on July 12th, as well - right before the Season Three Premiere.

Carry on!

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