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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Bananarama: Still UnSplit

Keren and Sarah of Bananarama fame are still doing their dancepop thing some twenty-five years after first forming the group with eventual ship-jumper Siobhan Fahey (who was later one half of Shakespeare's Sister). To give you a little perspective on the rarity of their longevity consider this: They've gone on and on and on twice as long as ABBA did. Yaz went too pieces after only two years. Keren & Sarah have had the groove in their heart five times as long as Deee-Lite. Culture Club's time shoulda been so much more... (Maybe Boy George shouldn't have made that infamous quip 'I don't sleep with girls who don't wash their hair' when a reporter asked him about Bananarama)

But anyway, before we're trapped in an 80s KHole iHole the real point of this post: In September Keren and Sarah will be guests of honor at the 13th Annual Billboard Dance Music Summit and Billboard announced it with an interview. Read all about it if you wanna know more about their latest release "Drama", their feelings about being remembered primarily for their Stock Aitken and Waterman period, and Pop Idol.


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