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Monday, June 12, 2006


2 Frames Per Second

MoMA Alert for NYC residents or lucky visitors. A new exhibit Douglas Gordon: Timeline just opened on the 6th floor and it's the opinion of this film bitch and ModFab guest blogger that it's a must see.

Douglas Gordon does a lot of work with the elapsing of time (hence the title of the exhibit) which is most obvious in his 24 Hour Psycho piece from 1993. In the center of a dark room Psycho is projected (you can look at it from either side) at two frames per second. I was mesmerized staring at Norman Bates who was a) moving very very slowly b) feeling guilty very very slowly b) turning off the motel lights very very slowly and c) cleaning up the bathroom very very slowly while Janet Leigh's arm hung limply and tellingly in frame. While all of this was happening very very slowly it turns out the time was flying by and before I knew it 45 minutes had passed and I had to hurry through the rest of the exhibit.

Alfred Hitchcock is a famously fetishistic director and Psycho lends itself very well to external fetishizing too. Douglas Gordon isn't the first to scrutinize this work of art and Gus Van Sant (who made the infamous misunderstood recreation) won't be the last.

I highly recommend this exhibit. I'll be back to spend more time with the rest of it, and I'll try not to let Norma's psychosis suck me back in for another hour so that I can give the other pieces their due.


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