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Monday, May 08, 2006


When ModFab Met Julia (A Love Story)

We have recovered from our little theatrical soiree on Friday, where I and Nathaniel, Kay, Maryann, Shannon, and Fleshpresser learned the following things. You might be interested to know what we learned:

1) Julia Roberts is short. Surprisingly so. But she is also adorable and surprisingly nice. In a room full of theatre luminaries, she was suitably respectful and deferential, and when we chatted her up, she was a bit shocked at the communal good vibes of the theatre community. Doesn't seem to be something that happens a lot at Hollywood award shows.

2) Paul Rudd is also short. Surprisingly so. But David Schwimmer is very tall. I did speak with David, and chatted about Chicago theatre a bit. I managed not to blurt out "I really hated Friends" although I was thinking it the entire time.

3) The two most gorgeous people in the world, in case you are wondering, are Taye Diggs and Gloria Reuben. Whatever skin care Taye uses to stay so smooth and beautiful, ModFab would like to buy it by the caseload...he is as gorgeous up close as he is from a distance. He came stag, since wifey Idina Menzel is in L.A. recording her new rock album. Gloria (who you may know from E.R., but is tearing up the stage as Condoleeza Rice in Stuff Happens at the Public Theater right now) wore a breathtaking blue summer dress, and I momentarily forgot I was attracted to men. She is really something: talented, funny, humble, and gorgeous.

4) The second most gorgeous people in the world are Cyndi Lauper and Martin McDonagh. In case you were wondering.

5) The best speeches of the day: Nathan Lane (with the obligatory David Blaine joke), Julie White (who thanked her agent for making her pass on a crappy movie to do The Little Dog Laughed), and the creators of the meta-musical [title of show], who managed to work the word "masturbation" into their speech not once, not twice, but three times.

6) Patti LuPone's plastic surgery is much better than Chita Rivera's. Oh wait, Patti hasn't had any. Has she? Anyway. But still.

7) Harry Connick Jr. is not as cute as you think he is.

8) Ralph Fiennes is cuter than you imagine, though. Definitely a DILF.

9) The most brilliant actors you have never heard of: Michael Stuhlbarg (Measure for Pleasure, The Pillowman), Tom Nelis (Score, Caine Mutiny), Michael Winther (Songs for an Unmade Bed), Carolee Carmello (suffering through Lestat), and Christopher Denham (Red Light Winter).

10) I got a kiss on the cheek from the first lady of the American Theatre, Marian Seldes. It feels like being kissed by a willowly, beautiful angel. My favorite memory of the day, and one I will treasure for decades to come.

Press photos here, more to follow from the ceremony soon...
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