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Monday, May 01, 2006


This Week in Modern Fabulousity - May 1, 2006

Four easy steps to a better, hipper you:

From Queen To Pharoah: Hatshepsut
Now through July 9
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Willem de Kooning: Paintings from 1975-1978
Now through June 3
L&M Arts

The Promise
While America falls helplessly under Tom Cruise's scientologic spell this weekend, ModFab will be spending time with The Promise, Chen Kaige's sprawling historical fantasy. Crouching Tiger and Hero are obvious reference points for those interested in this high-flying adventure, reportedly the most expensive film in Asian history. With Chen at the helm, however, we're thinking it'll be more Farewell, My Concubine, the Cannes prizewinners that first exhibited his knack for history and romance. Added bonus: it's the first big American release for Asian heartthrobs Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse. Even if Chinese historical sagas aren't your thing, one thing is sure...it'll be significantly more interesting than Cruise's overblown hype machine.

The Brand New Heavies featuring N'Dea Davenport
Bowery Ballroom - $25
May 2 - 8pm
Radio City Music Hall - $49.50-$79.50
May 5 - 8pm

THEATER: The Drama League Awards are Friday and there are three reasons you should care. One, they are the oldest theatre awards in North America, predating the Tonys by 12 years. Two, they are the only major awards for theatre chosen by actual viewers (all of the others are chosen by industry bigwigs). And three, you can attend the fun-filled luncheon ceremony -- featuring everyone from Julia Roberts, Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Harry Connick Jr., Patti LuPone, Cyndi Lauper, Alan Cumming, Paul Rudd, David Schwimmer, and Stephen Sondheim, among dozens of others -- by calling (212) 244-9494 ext. 5.


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