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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Photobloggies Winners

Congrats to the Class of 2006:

Best American Photoblog: No Traces
Best Canadian Photoblog: The Narrative
Best Latin American Photoblog: Aline Motta
Best Western European Photoblog: Deceptive Media
Best Australian Photoblog: Spudooli
Best Russian Photoblog: Radio Uruguay
Best Japanese Photoblog: Yamasaki ko-ji
Best Southeast Asian Photoblog: Foto by Imran
Best African/Middle Eastern Photoblog: Gosu
Best Writing: GotReadGo
Best Black-and-White Photography: Radio Uruguay
Best Animal Photography: Pildiblog
Best Abstract Photography: Photowalls
Best Studio Photography: 990000
Best Photojournalism: Boogie
Best Landscape Photography: Zenith9
Best Toy Camera Photography: That Was...My Foot
Best Street Photography: Urban Views
Best Portrait Photography: The Snowsuit Effort
Best Kept Secret: Shrued
Best Design: Intransient
Best Under 18 Photoblog: The Foto Kid
Best New Photoblog: iShot
Best Photo of the Year: Slower, I Can Be Hired
Best Photoblog of the Year: Daily Dose of Imagery


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