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Monday, May 22, 2006


ModFab ManScan

Beginning the work week can be a real downer....even for fabulousities like yourself. So each week, ManScan will employ a panel of three noted experts (in the fields of fleshology, hornyism, and sexiotics) to choose the ten best specimens of maleness posted to the web in the last seven days. (Thanks again to Dr. Hugh Mungus, Professor Ben Dover, and Saucy McRumpusbottom for their invaluable help.) We hope you'll kick loose the shackles of your soul-deadening day job to surf the internet as God intended...for porn.

Cesto de Gatos Gatos de Segunda!
CoolnClassic Candy Moments with Vinci Alonso
Completely Naked Bradley P.
Fleshbot Francois Sagat
Hoodsworld Roo
Les Ombres Morning Wake Up: Abs
Made in Brazil Speedo Sundays
My French Boyfriend Fantasy
Oh La La Paris Good Morning
QueerClick Non-Nudes
Rod2.0 Shemar Flaunts It


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