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Saturday, May 20, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Blue Sky Corp.

After a long discussion with a good friend (who says he gets confused by our gallery), we're trying some new formating this week. First off, we've temporarily discontinued the Featured Photoblog...if it's something you would like to see return, email us and we'll put it back.

Secondly, we're adding the winning photo from last week to our presentation, to give it the honor it's due from our voters:

Gorin Images: Blue Sky Corp.

And finally, we're reducing the number of nominees each week from 20 to 15. It didn't occur to us that some of you are on dial-up connections, and photos take a long time to view that way. (And to the dial-up diehards: join the 21st century sometime soon...we also have running water, indoor toilets and electric light bulbs!) So here's an even-slimmer list of the best photos of the week:

3 A.M. From Kyoto: Home Is Where The Heart Is
88:88: Preachers' Tattoos
Bluejake: Tourists at Ground Zero
A Daily Photoessay: Right Shoe
Digitalpeace: Vision
Dyroxy: #313
The G8: WTF
Intransient: Fruit
Kosoof: قافیه!
One Frame at a Time: Fly By (2)
Polom: A Table
Shazeen Samad: Once Upon A Time...II
Visual Obscurity: Feather Weight
Worksongs: I'm Only Sleeping
Zinkwazi: White Light

Now it's your turn! Vote for the Best In Show by e-mailing the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or (preferably) leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition.

Previous Best In Shows: 3 A.M. From Kyoto / Photo+Addiction / Anagnorisis / More Human / Staring at the Sun / Daily Photoessay / Digital Apoptosis / Worksongs / Blue Hour / Beyond Monochrome / Karmative / Gorin Images / While Seated / Spekter / Diopter / Ferocious Cheese / Weightless / Instinct Numerique / Rare Birds / Best Photo of 2005 / The Narrative / Graciform / Strange Kind of Woman / Here, My Dear / Daily Snap / Mute / NYC Photobloggers / Express Train
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