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Thursday, May 25, 2006


The Gayest Moment in the Gay History of Gayness

Dig if you will, a picture:

The impeccably-groomed manbitch of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, introduces effeminate also-ran Michael Sandecki, who begins to sing about "going down on me" in a song by none other than Her Majesty Sir Elton John.

Then the curtains part, and the crowd goes wild (just like Judy Garland at the Hollywood Bowl!) as the spiritual love child of Liberace and Paul Lynde, the one and only Clay Aiken, enters wearing an oversized suit and more pancake makeup than Tammy Faye. Sandecki and Aiken sing together about going down on me, and they embrace as millions of horrified Americans realize how badly Clay needs a new agent.

To paraphrase my friend QTA: this is gayer than a cock in your mouth. This is gayer than man-on-man buttsex. This is gayer than...Me.

And if that isn't enough, just remember:

Clay Aiken / Lisa Stansfield
Hairstyles separated at birth?


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