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Friday, May 19, 2006


Cannes Reports: Fast Food and Censorship

The Cannes Film Festival has opened, and there's a lot more happening than beyond the expected Da Vinci Code schadenfreude. The jury has arrived to see the films in competition, including a gorgeous Ziyi Zhang and jury prez Wong Kar-Wai.

Daily Greencine rounds up reviews of the first Cannes controversy, Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes The Barley. ModFab loves loves loves Loach -- so acidically anti-American, his films give us a warm gooey feeling all over (like being covered in nuclear waste). So of course we can't wait to see it, although we may have to wait for some time.

As Greencine says, though, "when it comes to critiquing America, few do it better than outraged Americans." Which makes us hungry for Fast Food Nation, Richard Linklater's hate letter to processed carbs. Critics split again...jeez, can't they agree on anything (besides the suckitude of The Da Vinci Code)?

If you think America's got it bad, just imagine China...Lou Ye’s Summer Palace, with its explicit sex scenes and political references, screened last night as part of the official competition without receiving approval from China’s film censorship board. This breach of government protocol will probably lead to the film being banned in its home country, and possibly abroad.
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