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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Cannes Report: Bring Us The Head of Sofia Coppola!

More from Cannes, the biggest global media event in the world that doesn't feature Taylor Hicks:

- Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette was pretty much creamed by the critics, who according to Cinecultist actually booed when the film ended. Damn those Frenchies and their tiny little mustaches! Oh wait, an update: Cinematical's James Rocchi didn't care for it much, either. Damn those Americans and their huge, bushy mustaches! (Daily Greencine documents the critical pile-on in depth.)

- A much more pleasant reaction met John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, the controversial non-pornographic film featuring lots of actual sex (hetero, bi, gay, lezzie, in-between, you name it). Rocchi admits that it's "kinda hot", but is amazed at how "funny and loose" it is. (Insert loose joke here.) Salon goes further, comparing Mitchell to Woody Allen (now that's kinda hot!). Indiewire calls it "explicit, artistic and ultimately hopeful." Which sounds exactly like my sex life. (Our blogbuddy NewNowNext covers the Shortbus red carpet arrivals in gorgeous detail.)

- Back to the bad news: Richard Kelly's Southland Tales received mostly negative notices, but the guy who made Donnie Darko knows that film distribution is a marathon, not a dash. And there's a bit of a controversy brewing over with Mike D'Angelo at Nerve, who has a long-documented aversion to textured responses. He disliked the film but says that Hoberman, Dargis, Taubin and other A-list critics are planning to praise it as a masterpiece. All this, for a film that stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and The Rock.

- IFC says that the film to beat is Babel, the Brad Pitt starrer by 21 Grams' Alejandro González Iñárritu. Of course, a few days ago the film to beat was Volver, so who the fuck knows anything.

- The big star of Cannes so far? Al Gore, who is suddenly everywhere with his movie An Inconvenient Truth. Our buddy Maryann at The Flick Filosopher has a rave review, and even some favorite quotes.

Review Roundups at GreenCine: Red Road, Le Tourneuse de Pages, Ten Canoes, Southland Tales, Shortbus, Iklimler, Selon Charlie, Avida, Il Regista de Matrimoni, El-Banate Dol, Moretti's Il Caimano, Gue Mool, Bled Number One, Jiang cheng xia ri, Serambi, and Yongseobadji Mothan ja. To answer your question, no, you probably never will get a chance to see most of these.

Reviews at Cinematical: Almodovar's Volver, Kaurismaki's Lights in the Dusk, Flandres, and Red Road. You probably will see these, however.

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