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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Blogspeak: "A.C.H.M."

Our semi-regular feature noting the highs and lows of invented blogger words and phrases...with a pepply dose of snark for all the grunchy netizens out there!

Today's Blogspeak: A.C.H.M. or "Achm"
Source: Gothamist
Definition: an acronym for "Arm Candy Husband Meat", used to refer to sexy husbands of minor celebrities, husbands who are not famous in an of themselves. As in "Rachael Ray showed up all glammy on the red carpet, alternating poses with and without her A.C.H.M."
Rating: 7/10 (extra points for all acronyms that sound like phlegmmy coughs, but low scores for uselessness and celebfucking)


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