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Thursday, May 25, 2006


American Idol (Yawns), Lost (Wows)

Yay, Taylor won American Idol...but truthfully, there was no mystery about that revelation. Katharine is a good performer, but Taylor is a musician, and America seemed to be able to tell the difference. She'll have a great career, as will Paris and Chris, who reminded the world in their duet appearances (with Al Jarreau and Live, respectively) why they should've made it to the final two. (The ridiculously padded show, with appearances by dozens of terrible rejected applicants, makes me wonder if the show has finally jumped the shark.) There was also no mystery about Clay Aiken's sexuality, when he duetted with his effeminate male impersonator on an Elton John song, wearing his new windswept hairdo (stolen from Lisa Stansfield, circa 1989). If you need to believe Gayken is hetero, do what you have to do. He isn't making it easy.

For real shockeroos, however, it was all about the Lost finale, which pulled so many rabbits out of its hat that I started to choke and gag on all the fabulousness. A partial list: the four-toed statue, the mail chute tube pile, the return of Henry ("the good guys"), the possible death of Eko, the return of Desmond (with Libby in tow...she shows up everywhere!), Elizabeth from Newport Beach, the escape of Michael and Walt, and of course the electromagnetic pulse. All in 60 minutes. More happened in the season finale than happened on CSI all year. Brilliant brain teaser.

And a quick congrats to Harold for winning Top Chef. Absolutely, the right decision. (Die, Tiffani, die!)


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