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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


American Idol: Please, For The Love of All That's Holy...

Okay kids, class is in session. Here's how the math goes for tonight's American Idol showdown, and how we divide three into two:

Taylor. Rocked the house with all three songs. Ended with a respectable version of a beloved classic, did an OK Springsteen impression, and impersonated Joe Cocker like a true pro.

Katharine. Her last song blew chunks, but her version of "Over The Rainbow" was exquisite. And dear LORD, she's beautiful.

Elliott. A karoake sludging of a beautiful Journey tune, followed by a transformation into a 70's lounge act, and then a poor Ray Charles cover.

Which of these three do YOU think should get through? Yeah, I agree. It's really not even close, from a talent standpoint. Unless Satan reaches up from the depths of Hell and stuffs the ballot box himself, it should be Taylor and Katharine at the finish line.
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