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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You Tube of the Week: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Liberace

Some great superhero recommendations from ModFab readers this week. This is the rare appearance of super-villain Chandell on the old Batman TV series, played with panache and verve by Liberace. You just wonder how no one knew...or how hard people had to work NOT to know.

You may not have known that the producers of the old Batman series shot a rather ridiculous pilot in 1967 for a Wonder Woman series, with Ellie Wood Walker as the Amazon avenger who was always in search of a husband to make her complete. (Oy vey.) Thankfully, it never made the air...and we have the glorious transformation spin of Lynda Carter as our childhood memory instead. I spent hours perfecting that Wonder Woman Spin as a young gay thing, and to this day I do it flawlessly.
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