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Monday, April 03, 2006


This Week in Modern Fabulousity - April 3, 2006

This week in NYC and across the universe:

MUSIC: Morrissey - Ringleaders of the Tormentors; P!ink - I'm Not Dead
From opposite ends of the revolutionary dial, these two radically different rebels hit stores Tuesday with heavy buzz thanks to two excellent singles, "You Have Killed Me" and "Stupid Girls." Can a duet be far behind?

FILM: Lucky Number Slevin
If you're like us, you've seen the commercial and wondered: what are all those stars doing in an obvious Tarantino ripoff? And then you think: wow, maybe they're all in it because it's good. And then you think: no way, it looks terrible. And then you think: but maybe...

TELEVISION: Between The Sopranos and Lost, the ModFab HQ is buzzing with dramatic tension. Tony's awake and taking names, and that creepy dude is out of the locked hatch. Both send shivers down our spine.

CONCERTS: Joe's Pub - Euan Morton
The Tony-nominated star of Taboo is a wildly underrated talent; hopefully the release of his new CD (and this accompanying solo concert) will bring him the recognition he so clearly deserves.

ART: Matthew Marks Gallery - Nan Goldin: Chasing A Ghost
Everyone's favorite trannie photographer (or rather, photographer OF trannies, not, well, you get the idea) launches a new series about her own family experiences. Expect wild color and blurred imagery.

DANCE: Joyce Theater - James Sewell Ballet
With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the up-and-coming choreographer takes on both Garrison Keillor and Franz Schubert, and lives to tell the tale.

THEATRE: Upright Citizens Brigade - Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever.
It's the underground word-of-mouth hit that seems to us about ready to hit the tipping point. And really, isn't it about time that Joe Eszterhas became a theatrical legend?


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