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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Stage Addiction: You Can't Go Wrong With A Loincloth

Curtain up, light the lights:

- Tarzan. Sigh. Yes, we've heard about its technical troubles. We've even heard it's a big stinky pile of theatrical poo, at least during previews. But we're still unconvinced...how could a show with a guy this sexy, in a loincloth no less, be all bad?

- There will be no Pulitzer this year, despite three contenders. I totally sympathize with the judges and their lack of enthusiasm. When all the best plays are British, what's an American award to do?

- Look Ma! There are real live black people on Broadway...and in the audience too!

- And speaking of black people on Broadway, our alternate-universe husband, Brian Stokes Mitchell, has put up some sound clips of his forthcoming solo album, including a brain-blending version of "Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd. Wow.

- The best musical in town, [title of show], is extending for one more week at the Vineyard. You should feast upon their box office like vultures over a particularly ripe piece of carrion.

- And now, the award for Gayest NYC Theatre for next season: Manhattan Theatre Club, who will be producing new plays by Charles Busch (Vampire Lesbians of Sodom) and Paul Rudnick (Jeffrey). They've also got the pretty damn fabulous Based On A Totally True Story currently on the boards...arguably the best gay romance on a stage in years.

- If you only see one Broadway show this spring, make sure it's not Lestat under any circumstances The History Boys. The drama is as good as you can imagine...an especially brilliant ensemble works serious magic on uncomfortable subject matter.

- A bad sign of producer confidence: this year, the closings are starting even before the Tony Awards separate the winners from the losers. Barefoot in the Park closes in mid-May, and now Well (which just opened, for chrissake) is posting its final weeks.

- You heard it here first: next winter will see the Broadway premiere of High Fidelity: The Musical. Yes, the John Cusack movie/Roddy Doyle book. If you are a pudgy thirtysomething with dreams of owning your own record store someday, try to remain calm. (I'm attending a private "presentation" of the musical on May 10th, which producers don't do unless they think they've got a sure thing.)
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