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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Six Alert: Cupcake Catfight!

One of our intrepid Mod Fab Six correspondents, StinkyLulu, visited New York City recently and hit up all the hot cupcake bakeries in town. His report today is both detailed and diverting, a great read.

But I worry for his safety. For in our little circle, he's treading dangerously close to the beat patrolled by fellow MF6'er Melissa at Cupcake Planet. (In fact, I think he beat her to Babycakes, the of-the-moment shop downtown.) The question is: can they put down their knives covered in buttercream frosting and agree on their shared love of the delicacy in question? Or will her love of Sugar Sweet Sunshine create an uncrossable chasm between her and Stinky's Babycakes? Stay tuned, sugar fans!
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