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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Not So Dangerous Muse

I'll admit it: I love dance music. I love synthesizers and drum machines, rhythm sections and boys with eyeliner. I love Bowie, Boy George, Fischerspooner and the Scissor Sisters.

So by all rights, I should love Dangerous Muse. And I don't.

Although the rest of the gay music blog mafia have lost their minds over the duo, I am left totally cold by their soul-lessness. The limp songs seem weak and drab, and the two gay-vague musicians -- who refuse to say what their preferences are, because they live in perpetual 1987 with all the other closet cases who "don't like labels, man" -- are hot only if you prefer boys to men. And if you do, isn't Rufus or Jake Shears a better choice for that?

This has happened to me before: I didn't get all the hoopla about The Bravery last year, either. So this spring, I'll be saving my pennies for the new releases by dance music legends Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, and leaving the Muses to those who think wearing eyeliner and doing a cheap early-Depeche impression is "dangerous."
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