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Saturday, April 29, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Anagnorisis Edition

PhotoBlog of the Week:
Anagnorisis / "Docked for the Day"

Now here's a puzzler: when I asked Kamarul, the photographer behind the vivid landscapes and colorful urban portraits of Anagnorisis, to talk about the work, the reply was an intriguing answer straight out of Griffin and Sabine. "The site was born out of my frustrations with certain events that unfolded in 2005," Kamarul replied. "It was the thing that keeps me going and give me some semblance of sanity. While I try to capture things that capture my imagination, they are also full of cryptic messages (to certain individuals which I am not even sure understand it!), clues and “reminders to self” of that particular moment in time. This actually explain why sometimes the photos and descriptions are seemingly disjointed, but honestly, there are deeper meanings to it." Can you figure out the hidden meanings? I'm utterly fascinated!

Afraid To See: Guignard Brick Works, Cayce, SC
Ancient Imagery of the Future: Sicily
Chromogenic: Ulterior Motives, Naturally
Delineated: William (Again)
DoubleCrossed: Pale Yellow Lane
Eyes Wide Shut: Untitled (Boxer)
Eyes Wide Shut: Untitled (Tape)
Fifty Millimeter: Jen, Mirror
Gosu: Rice Fields - Antananarivo, Madagascar
Jimbus: Abadzis and Barbican
Never Happen: Fence Strainer
Photojenic: Skipping Stones
Phototext: Why
Ryan Thompson: Central Park Pond
Stray Matter: The Kiss
Toshikomi: Road Rash
Treemeat: A40
A Walk Through Durham Township: The Flash at Lake Nockamixon
Water Molotov: Barcelona, 2005
Whateverland: Relaxation

A Beat Experience: YBIJP
Another large-margin victor...congrats!

Place your vote for this week's Best In Show by e-mailing the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or (preferably) leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition. Argue for your favorites, and diss the competition. Enjoy!

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