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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Lazy Weekend Completed.

I've returned from my weekend run to the beach house with a light tan, a refreshed spirit, and a slight tequila buzz...all of which were fun to get. The house is gorgeous (a 5 BR, 3BA two-story affair with every amenity imaginable -- the picture is from the back veranda this afternoon, looking out onto the Atlantic), and the weather cooperated beautifully. I read this book, watched this movie, played this game, drank a lot of this wine, and enjoyed this homemade soup. Mostly, though, I just sat on the deck and did nothing. Which is exactly what I needed.

And it doesn't look like I missed much of anything in New York...it seems to have been a good weekend to avoid the nightclubs, anyway. (Au revoir, le Splash.)


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