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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Idol: Extra Large Order of Crazy

Before we chat around our invisible water cooler about the performances on American Idol last night, honestly...WTF is up with Paula, Simon, Ryan, and Randy? It's like a bad episode of Falcon Crest, the way they're all going after each other. Ryan cut Simon off in mid-sentence, Paula cried when Elliot "Snaggletooth" Yamin sang (and she called him "handsome", which is untrue AND ironic, given that she also finds the butt-ugly Corey Clark sexy), and most egregiously, someone before the show clearly took a pee in Randy's cereal, because he was one cranky bastard.

Examples of the judges' lack of focus: good performances by Katharine, Paris and Taylor got ripped apart, while Yamin's mediocre Donny Hathaway impersonation got praised to the rafters. The worst performance (two weeks running) was by Kellie Pickler, but it only got politely criticized by the whacked-out panel.

Bottom three, based on talent: Pickler, Yamin, McPhee
Bottom three, based on skewed judging: Bennett, Hicks, McPhee
Going home: Bennett or McPhee
Another set of predictions, from none less that our American Idol Keith Boykin
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