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Friday, April 21, 2006


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: James Blake

Most tennis fans drool over dreamboat Andy Roddick...not ModFab. Having attended the U.S. Open the last three years, we save our courtside saliva for James Blake, the first African-American man since Arthur Ashe to reach the Top Ten rankings worldwide. (He achieved this feat in March at Indian Wells, where he beat No. 2 in the world Raphael Nadal for the second time in as many years.)

An inconsistent player in the past, Blake is on a roll of late, having beaten Lleyton Hewitt to win the Las Vegas Open. Most importantly, he has a habit of wiping off sweat with his shirt, revealing that gorgeously furry torso. Bald or dreadlocked, doesn't matter to us...we just wonder if there's such a thing as strip tennis. (P.S. -- in this photo with Andy Roddick, do they look like the sweetest gay couple ever, or what?)

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