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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


American Idol: We Are Definitely NOT The Champions

Another Tuesday on American Idol, another disappointing evening. Maybe it's time to join our friends at PopBytes with their tart summation -- "Let's face it...Idol blows." Tuesday night was an all-out assault on the memory of Freddie Mercury, as the singers did their damage to the music of Queen. I found myself disagreeing with the judges on Chris Daughtry, who I thought was the only exemplary effort (and picking an obscure track was a good idea, in ModFab's opinion). Paris and Taylor returned to form, which is a good thing...with Chris, they are our Top Three now. On the other hand, inbreeding poster child Kellie Pickler -- dressed up like Joan Jett Malibu Barbie and warbling wobbily through "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- perpetrated an act of sacrilege upon all who hold rock music sacred. Jesus, and Hendrix, wept.

My guess is that America will try to clean out the Idol house; the support has been soft for Ace and Katharine in recent weeks, so it's probably time that one of them goes. (Neither did badly, but that hardly matters at this stage...popularity is the rule of law now.) I'd much prefer to see Bucky and Kellie in the bottom three, but rednecks seem to be the only people voting each week, so my guess is they're safe.
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