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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


American Idol: Destroying The Grand Ole Opry

It probably occurred to many of us last night that the words "Country Song Night on American Idol" might actually translate into ancient Sanskrit as "Heretofore Undiscovered Eighth Circle of Hell." For certainly, that's what it was. The contestants who chose pop-country did okay -- Paris as Trisha Yearwood, Kellie channeling Reba McEntire, both Ace and Chris aping Keith Urban -- but everyone else fell completely apart. Especially distressing was ModFab favorite Taylor, who blew it badly with a version of John Denver's "Country Roads." You could actually see him developing kidney stones as he sang.

I still think Bucky should go home, but he's clearly got fans in the heartland...and they'll never send him home on Country Song Night. Elliott sucked IMO, but he's got the dork vote wrapped up. My guess is it'll be Taylor, Ace, and Katharine in the bottom three. And Ace goes home, so he can land a featured role somewhere on The WB network.

Note to the Idol producers: Simon and Randy need to lighten the fuck up, and Seacrest is getting really pissy. Yes, roughly half the planet watches your show, but if you don't start making it more fun, at least a quarter of us will leave. (And quit blaming the bad song selections on the contestants...it's your show, pick the songs for them!)
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