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Sunday, April 30, 2006


The '06 Photobloggies

The big kahuna of the photoblog world, The Photobloggies, are now open for nominations. We're consistently stunned by the quality photographers on the internet, who often receive little or no recognition for their artistry...so we're hoping you'll look through the archives of the ModFab Gallery (including the Modfabulous Photoblogs of 2005) and nominate your favorites.

You humble editor reads over 200 photoblogs each week, so we can't possibly nominate everyone we love. We can, however, push you to nominate friends like Jarrett and Karmative, two people we've grown especially fond of personally and professionally.

We're certain that big dogs like Chromasia, The Snowsuit Effort, Mute, and Express Train will get plenty of (deserved) attention, but if you're looking for a path less traveled, here are the ten photoblogs I've been most intrigued by of late: Noushin, Treemeat, 3 A.M. From Kyoto, Apeture, Photine, Eyes Wide Shut, Gosu, Toshikomi, Absenter, and A Strange Kind of Madness. Next week, my ten would probably be different, but this is a good starter set.

And don't forget to also vote in this week's ModFab Gallery, our own little friendly competition that has been heating up of late!


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