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Monday, March 06, 2006


Trackback Mountain

The picture at left comes from the bathroom of Nathaniel's gorgeous apartment, whose blogger-heavy Oscar party included raspberry tartlets, a ten-gallon jug of vodka, an "Oscar haiku" contest (I won the one for Good Night and Good Luck), and hilarious dramatic readings from the scripts for Crash and Memoirs of a Geisha. (Bonus points to Derek for his kabuki-inspired, interpretive dance performance of Sayuri.) It is always a pleasure to hang with our Oscar posse, so here's a shout-out to Will, Ryan, Nick, Dennis, Scott, and everyone who booed Charlize Theron's godawful blobby dress.

Rounding up the punditry from last night's lube-free Oscar fucking of Brokeback Mountain:

OhMyTrill: Shame on you, Academy!
Queering The Apparatus: You gotta be kidding me...
Larry McMurtry: "Americans don't want cowboys to be gay."
Jockohomo: Thanking the Academy
Newsday: Biggest upset in Oscar history
A Socialite's Life: "Hollywood's gay mafia is seething right now"
Mainly Movies: The Morning After the Car Wreck Before
Washington Post: "Just a cop-out by the Motion Picture Academy"
Film Experience: still in mourning.
The Gilded Moose: Los Angeles in Flames as Gay Riot
NYT: a "stunning twist"
Towleroad: Open-mouthed agog-ery
EdRants: Crash? Whoa. Does this mean I have to watch it?
CNN: Crash "more blunt" than Mountain
Mainly Movies: Where were you when they lynched Jack Twist again?

And in the Homophobe Hall of Shame:

Cinematical: "This year, the audience favorite wins out." And by "audience", we mean straight bigots.
Cinematical: (different article, on Ang Lee): "Sigh. Yes, he won. We all knew he would win. It's a pretty movie, and socially conscious...It's just so damn boring."
Gothamist: Gay stereotypes are sooo funny!

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